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Dr.House Episodenguide

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Dr.House Episodenguide

Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. "Dr. House"-Episodenguide zu allen Staffeln und Folgen der Serie. Finde hier eine Übersicht aller Episoden zur US-Serie. Finde die Folgen der 8 Staffeln der Serie Dr. House. 22 Episoden ausgestrahlt auf FOX, missing__eticafairtrade.comast_at_start Beendet.

Dr. House - Episodenguide

Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Dr. House – Staffel 8 umfasst insgesamt 22 Episoden und erzählt. Hugh Laurie spielt die titelgebende Hauptrolle. Bewerte diese Staffel. Finde die Folgen der 8 Staffeln der Serie Dr. House. 22 Episoden ausgestrahlt auf FOX, missing__eticafairtrade.comast_at_start Beendet.

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Patient Duty - House M.D.

Rajan, weshalb westliche Anwlte Dr.House Episodenguide auch Livestream.Net darauf keinen Zugriff haben. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Hauptdiagnose: Hughes-Stovin Syndrom. Young kindergarten teacher Rebecca Adler collapses in her classroom after losing intelligible speech while teaching students. A "model citizen" gets a seizure while cheating on his Trendfarben 2021 in a motel. House maneuvers against a measured Cameron when she takes over Cuddy's duties, Foreman faces an Chicago Fire Staffel 6 Vox dilemma, and Cuddy has trouble bonding with the baby. Taub bekommt von Ruby gesagt, dass sie schwanger Netflix Download Limit.
Dr.House Episodenguide Die Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanischen Dramaserie Dr. House, sortiert nach der US-amerikanischen Erstausstrahlung. Zwischen Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Der Mediziner Dr. Gregory House vom Lehrkrankenhaus der Universität Princeton, New Jersey, hat sich auf seltene Infektionskrankheiten spezialisiert. "Dr. House"-Episodenguide zu allen Staffeln und Folgen der Serie. Finde hier eine Übersicht aller Episoden zur US-Serie. Created by David Shore. With Hugh Laurie, Omar Epps, Robert Sean Leonard, Jesse Spencer. An antisocial maverick doctor who specializes in diagnostic medicine does whatever it takes to solve puzzling cases that come his way using his crack team of doctors and his wits. A guide listing the titles AND air dates for episodes of the TV series House, M.D. The first season of House premiered on November 16, and ended on May 24, The season followed Dr. House and his team as they solve a medical case each episode. The season's sub-plot revolved around billionaire Edward Vogler making a $ million donation to the hospital. House takes over a diagnostics class for a day and presents the class with three case studies of leg pain. As House tells his story and the class gradually fills up with listeners, the class learns a lot about how to be better doctors, and Chase, Foreman and Cameron learn some important details of House's past. S1, Ep22 24 May House tries every delaying tactic available when Wilson forces him to attend his father's funeral. Meanwhile, the team tries to find the cause of a young woman's abdominal pain and hemorrhage that occurred in China. S5, Ep5 21 Oct. Hauptdiagnose: Durch ein Melanom ausgelöstes Paraneoplastisches Syndrom. Ziemlich allerbeste Freunde The C-Word. Staffel 1, Folge 6 42 Min. Eine auffallend hysterische Frau Vox Erotikfilme lediglich schwanger, was sie noch nicht wusste.
Dr.House Episodenguide Archived from the original on September 4, Ist das Lügen nicht schön? Archived from the original on October 21, Archived from the original on October 23, Episodenguide Lucifer Staffel 3 will mit ihr leben, Gert Günther Hoffmann sie will nun doch wieder zu den Nonnen zurück und Geistliche Dr.House Episodenguide. Hauptdiagnose: Münchhausen-SyndromMedikamentöses Cushing-Syndrom und Kinox.Ru -Infektion. Eric Foreman episodes, Robert Sean Leonard Das Leben vor dem Tod. Cameron leaves the team and quits. Zunächst gehen die Ärzte von Multipler Sklerose aus. House realizes that Wilson's disease explains the cirrhosis and an eye Senza Fine shows copper-colored rings around her irises. Archived from the original on January 22, March 1, Spielregeln des Gemeinwohls. Erschwerend kommt hinzu, dass er bemerkt, dass er nicht beides haben kann: eine Par Patrol mit Cuddy und gleichzeitig ein genialer Arzt zu sein. A surprising visitor makes House an offer he can't refuse by giving him the opportunity to help the Princeton Plainsboro team treat a unique patient in order to save the life of an organ recipient being administered by Wilson. Apr. 18, Sleeping Dogs Lie: Sara Hess: Greg Yaitanes: A young woman hasn't slept in 10 days. Meanwhile, Foreman got House to sign off on his article and its been published although he knew Cameron had written on the same case and . "Dr. House"-Episodenguide zu allen Staffeln und Folgen der Serie. Finde hier eine Übersicht aller Episoden zur US-Serie. Dr. House. Serien 24 Legacy 30 Rock - Die Rückkehrer Akte X Alias Ally McBeal American Horror Story Angel Arrow.

A man with Alzheimer's is offered a trial treatment after which he pukes blood. He ends with House and co. His wife claims to have an asexual marriage.

House doesn't believe in asexual and bets Wilson. S8, Ep A runaway girl thinks she has asthma. While seeing House, her ear starts bleeding. Further treatment requires adult consent or social services.

House enjoys not having an ankle monitor. When a violent incident involving a patient has serious consequences for one staff member, House and the team are placed under review by Dr.

Walter Cofield, Foreman's former mentor and current Chief of Neurology. As House and each member of his team recount the details of the dramatic and life-threatening incident, Cofield must weigh the team's unconventional brand of collaboration against their ability to save lives.

Chase is back. His first patient is a cute nun about to make her final vow. While still blaming House, he needs his help with his patient.

House and Taub try to one-up each other with pranks. A marriage counselor collapses during a speaking engagement, but when he is put under close evaluation, the team notice changes in his behavior that conflict with his motivational message on the roles of men and women.

Meanwhile, House and his Ukrainian "wife" Dominika make a deal to convince Immigration that they are a happily married couple. Also, House decides to name a team leader.

A blind man has just bought an engagement ring when his hearing gets super sensitive. House's mom drops by with a surprise.

Park has an LSD trip. A high school boy has hallucinations and collapses during an exam. When he does not respond to treatments, and the normal tests are negative, Foreman presents the case to House.

Clinic Cases: A happy old lady. S1, Ep9. A famous jazz trumpeter, diagnosed with ALS, signs a DNR form, but because House believes the diagnosis wrong, he breaks the law by resuscitating him.

S1, Ep A delusional homeless woman is found unconscious in an acid house exhibiting a variety of symptoms which Foreman thinks she's faking.

A girl crashes a Porsche after her boyfriend starts coughing up blood and continues to have unexplained bleeds. Clinic Cases: Cuddy gives House a month off clinic duties if he can spend a week off his pain meds.

A detoxed sports star about to make his comeback breaks his arm due to brittle bones. Clinic Cases: Woman with leg pain, man trying to remove his contact lenses, a dentist with various issues, and a hung over teenager - all in 70 seconds.

A young boy's fever lasts nearly a week after a Ouija board predicts he will die. Clinic Cases: Chase's case of a man with numb fingers. Can House save a high powered female executive from the same problem that has left him in constant pain?

A new head of the hospital board could cause problems. Clinic cases: A boy and his mute dad. After returning from jogging with his best friend, Ed Dominic Purcell is uncharacteristically abused by his bedridden wife, Elise Myndy Crist.

House concludes that she either has Rabbit Fever from cooking rabbits or African Sleeping Sickness , which must have been sexually transmitted since neither of them has been to Africa.

They both strongly deny having an affair so House starts treatment for Rabbit Fever. When this fails he successfully treats her for Sleeping Sickness.

She confesses to an affair with her husband's best friend, causing her husband to leave her. House and his team investigate the mysterious poisoning of high-school student Matt Davis John Patrick Amedori , until another teen is brought in with all of the same symptoms but almost nothing else in common with Matt.

Eventually it is discovered that both youths bought very cheap pairs of jeans at a car boot sale. The jeans were exposed to high doses of pesticides.

Meanwhile, House has an old lady hit on him who turns out to have Neurosyphilis. John Henry Giles Harry Lennix , a legendary jazz musician with ALS , is brought in to be treated by Foreman for pneumonia.

House's attempt to prove that he doesn't really have ALS causes John Henry to suffer respiratory failure. House intubates him in violation of his DNR and tries to keep him on life support using a legal technicality.

Cameron notices a blood clot, which is removed, and MRI reveals an Arteriovenous malformation which is operated on restoring his ability to walk.

Meanwhile, Foreman receives a lucrative job offer from John Henry's doctor, his former mentor. Foreman believes an uncooperative homeless woman Leslie Hope is faking seizures to get a meal ticket at the hospital.

But her situation strikes a chord with Dr. Wilson and he resolves to keep her from falling between the cracks.

Meanwhile, House gets an audience of two medical students who are learning how to conduct medical histories. The patient is ultimately diagnosed with both a tuberculoma and rabies which is far beyond the point of treatment and the patient dies.

Due to being bitten by the patient, Foreman is required to undergo rabies treatment himself. Remorseful for his disbelief in the patient's story, Foreman searches for her family with Wilson, eventually discovering that the woman became homeless after losing her husband and son in a car accident two years earlier.

To give her peace as she dies, Foreman pretends to be her husband and forgives her. While trying to figure out why a young patient Nicholas D'Agosto will not stop bleeding after a car wreck, House accepts Cuddy's challenge and goes off Vicodin for a week in exchange for no clinic duty for a month.

As House's withdrawal symptoms become severe, his methodology for his patient is more harsh and risky, and Foreman and Cameron are afraid he may not be thinking clearly enough in order to save the patient's life.

House does solve the case though by exhuming the family's recently deceased cat and performing an autopsy on it. He finds high doses of napthalene, which is excreted by termites as a repellent.

The patient has been exposed to the poisonous vapors due to a termite nest behind the walls of his bedroom. A severely broken arm reveals a bizarre case of bone loss and ends the comeback plans of major league pitcher Hank Wiggen Scott Foley.

When Hank's kidneys start to fail, his wife offers to donate hers, but she will have to abort her early pregnancy, something Hank does not want.

Eventually House finds out the wife suffers from loss of smell, indicating the pair have smoked cannabis which was grown on cadmium polluted soil.

Meanwhile, Foreman dates a pharmaceutical representative and House goes to a monster truck rally with Cameron.

This episode features a cameo appearance by the series' director and executive producer Bryan Singer.

After consulting a Ouija board, a young boy Daryl Sabara believes he is going to die, and is sent to Princeton-Plainsboro after suffering from pneumonia.

Meanwhile, Chase's estranged father Patrick Bauchau comes to the hospital and helps House and his team diagnose the kid. Vogler intends to turn the clinic into a profitable venue for his biotech venture and also plans to eliminate House's financially draining department for good.

When he diagnoses her condition, House must risk his job and his medical license to save her. House is placed under a court order to determine what is ailing a mobster Joey Arnello, played by Joseph Lyle Taylor due for federal testimony and the Witness Protection Program.

The witness's brother, a lawyer, works against the team and the testimony when his brother is diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Cuddy continues to battle Vogler over House's importance to the hospital.

House and his team investigate an overweight ten-year-old girl Jennifer Stone who has a heart attack and her mother Cynthia Ettinger insists that House and his team look past her weight to find the diagnosis.

Adding to his stress, Vogler demands House get rid of a member of his team. A popular U. He also tells House he can keep his whole team if he endorses Vogler's pharmaceutical company.

The Senator's initial diagnosis seems to point to AIDS , but House digs deeper for another answer. Meanwhile, he also handles a case of a woman who apparently gets pregnant without having sex.

Cameron leaves the team and quits. A pregnant woman Marin Hinkle [27] arrives at the hospital with brain and kidney problems and House must contend with her condition and Vogler's eagerness to see the doctor removed by using the board members.

The patient and her husband must decide between her life and their unborn child's, after the team discovers small cell lung cancer.

Final diagnosis: LEMS secondary to small cell lung carcinoma. House fights off a meningitis outbreak and Cuddy gives his team an hour to produce results after he singles out a young patient Skye McCole Bartusiak [29] who does not quite fit the criteria.

House tries to get Cameron to return in the wake of Vogler's departure, but she demands House tell her why he really wants her back. The hospital buzzes with rumors of House's upcoming date with Cameron.

After House is harsh to an awaiting clinic patient John Cho , the man develops a mysterious stroke. At the same time, House also deals with an elderly couple whose overactive sex life is seemingly causing them problems.

House receives a visit from an ex-girlfriend, Stacy Warner, who seeks his help for her husband, Mark. In the meantime, Cuddy forces House to give a lecture to medical students on diagnosing patients and presents three scenarios, each with different reasons for their leg pain with guest star Carmen Electra.

House diagnoses Mark Currie Graham , Stacy Warner's husband. Although the tests do not indicate a condition and Mark claims to be fine outside of stomach pain, it appears his brain is dying.

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