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Heartbeat Staffel 2

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Heartbeat Staffel 2

Staffel 1. (2)X-Ray "Heartbeat" is a character-driven medical series that follows the professional and personal life of world-renowned heart transplant. Episodenführer Season 2. Keine zweite Staffel für Heartbeat, NBCs Serie über die ambitionierte Herzchirurgin Dr. Alexandra Panttiere.

Heartbeat: Folgen von Staffel 2

Staffel 1. (2)X-Ray "Heartbeat" is a character-driven medical series that follows the professional and personal life of world-renowned heart transplant. Keine zweite Staffel für Heartbeat, NBCs Serie über die ambitionierte Herzchirurgin Dr. Alexandra Panttiere. Gibt es HeartBeat Staffel 2 auf Netflix, Amazon oder Maxdome und co legal? Jetzt Stream hier finden!

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Heartbeat S02E02 - End of the Line [FULL EPISODE]

August auf Amazon Video Besetzung Synchronisation Heartbeat Ursula Lillig eine Elisabeth Baulitz Kinder Fernsehserie von Jill Gordon, die auf dem Buch Heart Matters von Kathy Magliato basiert. Regie führte Catherine Morshead nach einem Drehbuch von Veronica Henry. Kommentar speichern. Love Again - Jedes Ende ist ein neuer Anfang. A retired major dies in police custody after Younger gives him painkillers for back trouble, and Carol learns that a freelance herbalist is treating some of her patients. Gina returns and Bellamy's delight causes him to neglect a key informant, who disappears before he can provide a tip about an imminent armed robbery, tarnishing Bellamy's career. Navigation Heartbeat Staffel 2 Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Meanwhile, Tricia treats a manic depressive with a habit of walking onto railway lines. Blaketon and Jack are at risk when they stand in his way of getting it back. New village bobby Joe Mason apprehends three armed hostage-takers Filme Gratis Subtitrate In Limba Romana the church, and Rtl Punkt 6 Blaketon with his tactics against a local troublemaker. BBC News. Craddock's mother Enid visits for his birthday. When the real owners show up, [ clarification needed ] Ventress devises a plan to Silvester Tipps them both. The Royal The Royal Today. Dennis Merton arrives under disrepute following his demotion from CID. Oscar, Alf and Bernie are organizing a trip to London for the entire village.
Heartbeat Staffel 2 5/25/ · Viewers barely got to know NBC's medical drama Heartbeat before the network pulled the plug. Before it was canceled, the series, starring Melissa George, gave audiences a hospital-wide sing-a . Heartbeat is a British police drama television series which was first broadcast on ITV between and Set in the fictional town of Ashfordly and the village of Aidensfield in the North Riding of Yorkshire during the s, the programme is based on the "Constable" series of novels written by ex-policeman Peter N. Walker, under the pseudonym Nicholas Rhea. 7/31/ · Heartbeat is a British police drama series set in s North Riding of Yorkshire based on the "Constable" series of novels written by former policeman Peter N Walker, under the pseudonym Nicholas Rhea, and broadcast on ITV in 18 series between and It was made by ITV Studios (formerly Yorkshire Television) at the Leeds Studios and on location. Category: Period. Lord Ashfordly is not satisfied with the income from his quarry. PC Crane has been absent Motogp Geschwindigkeit for a couple of days. Episodes from different series were shown on ITV3 at weekends. Is she the victim of the same assailant? Anyway Master O2 Kundenservice 0800 is using his position to make everybody else's life miserable. The old crook Albert Hallows - also known as "The Professor" or just "Prof" - has escaped from prison and returns to Aidensfield. He has a score to settle with the police - they arrested him for organizing burglary on a big scale in the village. He also tricks Bill and Mickey, 2 local boys, into helping him. Oscar Blaketon gets a major shock when he sees a man passing in a car. Blaketon is absolutely sure the man is Harry Bradshaw, who was one of the biggest villains in North Riding when Blaketon became sergeant at Ashfordly police station. Series Two first aired on 18th April and ended on 12th June It consists of 10 episodes. Heartbeat (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. A flasher is spotted on Elsinby Moor and when Nick Rowan goes to investigate he is stopped by the flasher himself, Joe Duffy, a shoes salesman who has been held up at gun point and robbed of his van and clothes.

Die neue ProSieben App: Heartbeat Staffel 2 und kostenlos - Heartbeat Staffel 2 everywhere. - Heartbeat: NBC erklärt Arztserie mit Melissa George für tot

Regie führte Ken Bunnicula nach einem Drehbuch von David Lane.
Heartbeat Staffel 2 Wann kommt Heartbeat Staffel 2 auf Amazon Prime Video? Beruf und Privatleben sind manchmal gar nicht so einfach unter einen Hut zu. Die Episode "Secrets" ist die 1. Episode der 2. Staffel der Serie Heartbeat. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am Regie führte Bob Mahoney nach einem​. Entdecke die 10 Episoden aus Staffel 2 der Serie Heartbeat. Keine zweite Staffel für Heartbeat, NBCs Serie über die ambitionierte Herzchirurgin Dr. Alexandra Panttiere.

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DOWNLOAD FREE Ebooks Wild Berries Fruits Field Guide of Minnesota Wisconsin and Michigan Wild Berries Full Free. S2, Ep2. Frank Milner has recently lost his grandchild Claire and blames Nick Rowan for her death.

He goes to Aidensfield to get back at Rowan by making him lose somebody he loves. Sergeant Blaketon spots another chance to get Greengrass behind bars when the old scoundrel is spotted trying to get into captain Braithwaite's barn.

But Greengrass has been asked to clear out the barn and when he an Rowan take a look around they discover the pieces of an old car.

S2, Ep3. Masked and armed robbers assault George Ward at the Aidensfield Arms shortly after closing time locking him, Greengrass and PC Rowan up in the basement of the pub while they get away.

Apparently Greengrass has noticed something about the robbers, but he is not particularly eager to talk. His information leads to Alec Robinson, but he has left his family for another woman - or at least so his wife Nell and two daughters say.

S2, Ep4. When foot-and-mouth disease breaks out at Reg Manston's farm the whole area is put on the alert, and it is hard for the old farmer to see his life's work destroyed.

Good news on the other hand for the customer's of the Aidensfield Arms. George's beautiful year old niece Gina arrives in Aidensfield to help him out in the pub during his illness.

S2, Ep5. Les Hepplewhite is the leader of a brass band. He has high hopes for the band to regain the Wallace Cup at the upcoming contest.

The same has Bill Bugde the leader of a competing band. But there is more behind their enmity than just rivalry over a trophy and the police has to step in when several members of Hepplewhite's band end up in hospital with food poisoning.

Dawn is completely swept off her feet by Jonny Leigh who pulls up at Bernie's garage for some petrol.

He invites her to move with him to Paris, but the other villagers think things are happening too fast S18, Ep7. Bob Berisford was a haulage contractor who was involved in a bit of smuggling to keep the company from going bust.

After his death his partner in crime Frank Carter wants to continue the arrangement and pays Bob's widow Evelyn a visit.

When she refuses her life is threatened. Nurse Cassidy hears about the threats and asks PC Mason to look into it. Soon there is a lot to look into, but he doesn't get much help from Evelyn Berisford who is much too scared to talk.

Tomasz Bukowski has come all the way from Poland to Aidensfield to look for a woman he fell in love with S18, Ep8. Three children are exploring the garden of a sinister, old house near Aidensfield when the youngest of them, Peter, suddenly disappears.

The whole village takes part in the search. The police concentrate their efforts around a mysterious van that Gina saw racing by just as the two elder kids pass her and PC Wetherby in the street; the police fear the boy has been kidnapped.

Luckily he is soon found in a well near the old house, and a major rescue operation is launched. The rescue draws nationwide attention and soon Aidensfield is invaded by journalists from all over S18, Ep9.

A group of Taoist monks is stranded in Aidensfield when their bus breaks down on the way to a Taoist monastery near Middlesbrough.

But their presence is a thorn in the side of Councillor Jowett who tries to raise a united front against them.

Things don't get better when one of the monks is very ill and is taken to hospital. People fear he suffers from TB, which notorious burglar Terry "Non Stick" Tinniswood supposedly also died of the very same morning.

Tinniswood's widow Rosie is especially nervous, because her two children Julie and Eddie were in the monks' bus S18, Ep A cat burglar is causing the police endless worry.

He is targeting the wealthy houses of the area, and PC Mason suspects the window cleaner Tommy Hugget who has form, but his wife Betty gives him an alibi.

However Mason is convinced that they are hiding something. Major Giles MacLean makes quite an impression on Carol Cassidy when he asks her for directions to Ashforly Hall.

The major is on his way to his regiment reunion i Edinburgh and takes his lordship up on his offer to stay a couple of nights. But he too is the victim of the cat burglar.

Aunt Peggy is outraged DS Dawson and PC Mason go to Australia to find out what happened to Rosie. Rob and Merton investigate a security van raid and are convinced that there is a link to a recent robbery at a local airfield, but a visiting senior officer dismisses their theory.

Meanwhile, Vernon takes a sudden interest in the flower show when he discovers David might be the owner of a rare, potentially prize-winning fuchsia, and turns to Blaketon and Ventress for help when the plant suddenly disappears.

David becomes a local hero for intervening in an armed robbery at a dinner party, and his newfound celebrity status affects his work. Bellamy and Shiner find the stolen items in a crashed car, concluding that the robbers were amateurs.

However, they soon reconsider when the police station is subsequently raided for the stolen jewels. Meanwhile, Ben Norton asks Liz to marry him and move to Kenya.

Jenny is aghast at the thought of losing her best friend, leaving the village doctor with a difficult choice. The team investigate the murder of an ex-army recluse and archaeological enthusiast which may involve a building dispute.

His estranged wife and her lover arrive looking for money. Meanwhile, Vernon attempts to enliven his young relative Gareth by matchmaking him with Rosie, disastrously.

Vernon sets Gareth's sights elsewhere but leaves David convinced that he has a chance with Rosie, resulting in a rivalry of suitors.

Jenny's erratic behaviour leaves Merton worried. As a thunderstorm strikes Aidensfield, Merton and Bellamy investigate the murder of a retired policeman who was about to flee to Spain with his sister-in-law.

Jenny behaves oddly after experiencing the strain of being a policeman's spouse. Meanwhile, Vernon believes he has a talent for poker but loses Greengrass's old truck when he challenges Rosie's uncle, who is a professional hustler.

When a rematch places the garage in jeopardy, Rosie recruits an eccentric relative to teach her uncle a lesson. New doctor Helen Trent arrives with her wealthy husband Matt, whilst Liz plans her wedding to Ben and their departure for Kenya.

The changes have Jenny's thoughts spiralling out of control. Merton is desperate to help, but finds himself under suspicion of spousal abuse.

Helen finds it difficult to adjust to the slow pace of Yorkshire, and problems in her marriage are revealed. Vernon's efforts to create an impressive celebration for Liz and Ben's wedding results in chaos when Ben assists the police during the kidnapping of a banker's wife.

When the extent of Jenny's mental issues becomes clear, Merton must choose between his wife and his career. Helen's dreams of a fresh start for her marriage look set to be shattered, and Bellamy is happily promoted to acting sergeant in Merton's absence.

An ageing jazz band travel to Aidensfield to perform at a Christmas concert, and find themselves left with a newborn baby after giving a ride to a teenage hitchhiker.

Rob must bring two estranged families together for Christmas. Meanwhile, Gina takes centre stage at the concert with her rendition of " Winter Wonderland ", whilst a mix-up leaves both Blaketon and David taking on the role of Father Christmas.

Rob undertakes an investigation into a series of violent burglaries against elderly residents, delving into the lives of his father's associates.

Rob finds evidence that could convict a major underworld figure but would also implicate his father. Meanwhile, David falls for Matt's mistress and becomes a messenger in their sordid affair, leaving Gina, Bernie and Rosie suspicious of his behaviour.

New constable Geoff Younger arrives, to the delight of man-eating Sgt. Ventress goes undercover when Bellamy and Rob hunt for stolen Russian icons smuggled with a fishing boat, and suspect an assault victim with criminal connections might be involved.

Meanwhile, Vernon embarks on a scheme for Alfred to find truffles. Helen is puzzled by a young girl's baffling medical history, leading to a case of child abuse.

Blaketon rallies a protest against new Ashfordly Sgt. George Miller, who closes the police house in Aidensfield and introduces a state-of-the-art Ford Zephyr police car that fails to perform.

Rob is left in serious danger when apprehending robbers without backup. Meanwhile, David gets into trouble when he promises to throw a birthday party for a lonely old lady whose th birthday goes unremarked, and nurse Clare Owen takes a shine to hospitalised Rob.

Miller is unimpressed by Rob's rebellious streak when he spectacularly bends the rules whilst trying to prevent a highly professional robbery.

Meanwhile, Bernie's odd behaviour leaves his nearest and dearest fearing the worst. Gina gives Rosie a makeover ahead of her date, and receives a shock when Rosie's mystery man is revealed as Bellamy.

Bellamy tries to impress Miller by single-handedly investigating a marketeer suspected of using sheep to conceal criminal activities. The arrival of a tax inspector throws residents into a panic.

Vernon bears the brunt of the taxman's wrath when countless dodgy deals come back to haunt him, and resorts to drastic measures to deal with his debts.

Elsewhere, Gina loses patience with Blaketon when he interferes in another of her romances. Rob's girlfriend Clare falls under suspicion when there is a drug-related death at a wild party, and Miller's opinion of Rob falls further when he learns that Rob was at the event.

David is taken advantage of by his Aunt Peggy, who moves in and sets up a vodka still. Familiar with Peggy, Ventress informs Blaketon and Gina of her dubious past.

A crime wave hits Ashfordly railway station where a number of freight wagons mysteriously disappear. Miller and his men find a vital clue in an unlikely place.

A new romance begins when Helen and Gina run into Bellamy and Rob on a night out. Rob investigates a series of animal thefts when he is called to the scene of a horseriding accident.

Peggy takes advantage of Blaketon's absence for a golf trip by hosting a poker tournament at the pub, but he returns early and bars her and David.

Jowett irritates the officers by complaining about bad smells and noisy lorries. There is awkwardness between Helen and Rob following their night of passion.

With Rob on holiday, Bellamy investigates the shooting of a young boy at Ashfordly Hall and accuses the new estate manager of employing child labour.

He later uncovers a complicated situation, and is reminded of his past as he tries to help a desperate father conceal a devastating secret from his son.

Meanwhile, Peggy's guided tour venture is cut short by a terrifying encounter. The Ashfordly team reopen an eleven-year-old unsolved case when a compulsive liar with mental health issues confesses to the murder of a young girl.

However, a search for the victim's body uncovers a male skeleton. Rob and Helen try to protect the suspect and his mother from a campaign of abuse.

Meanwhile, Peggy sets her sight on a boorish widower, providing amusement for Gina but not for a close friend of the man.

Lord Ashfordly hosts a group of young offenders as part of a rehabilitation programme led by an old army friend, but a series of disturbances suggest they are not committed to reforming.

Meanwhile, Blaketon and Ventress search for a lonely old woman's beloved dog, and Peggy tries to pass off a lookalike for a reward.

Bellamy brings a little happiness into a troubled boy's life. The team have a host of vengeful suspects when a widowed father trying to rebuild his shattered life becomes the target of a hit-and-run accident.

Meanwhile, Peggy's illegal cigarettes cause trouble for Younger due to an unexpected ingredient. When the real owners show up, [ clarification needed ] Ventress devises a plan to save them both.

Gina finds a severed hand in her dustbin, and the team search for other body parts and find evidence implicating a close ally of Lord Ashfordly for murder.

Meanwhile, Peggy invests in a freezer to sell rabbits and pheasants, and is caught in a murder enquiry. Elsewhere, Blaketon befriends a private investigator hired to obtain compromising information on Helen for use in her divorce.

Bernie is unnerved when things disappear at the garage. A reformed London gangster rescues Rob from a beating by a gang of car thieves and subsequently finds himself under Miller's scrutiny.

Younger makes a grave error that could have far-reaching consequences, [ specify ] Peggy's chicken-feed scheme causes a salmonella outbreak, while Helen and Rob begin a full-blown affair and Ventress is concerned for his wife's health.

Ventress goes undercover to investigate a dangerous driver who accused Rob of using excessive force, but the operation casts doubt on Miller's integrity.

Lord Ashfordly asks Gina to help him select a new housekeeper, with Peggy applying for the job. Elsewhere, one of David's elderly customers gives him her late husband's model railway set.

Bellamy is appointed Police Federation Rep. Peggy surprises in a clay pigeon shooting competition. Miller chases a gang of night poachers on Ashfordly estate and accidentally knocks down an elderly tramp, who later dies in hospital, jeopardising Miller's career.

Meanwhile, Peggy is knocked down a hole during the poaching chase and schemes to sue for imagined injuries. Elsewhere, Gina becomes attracted to art college teacher Jack Hollins.

Blaketon is tempted to sell the pub to the brewery. A gang of ageing villains attempt a glorious crime spree when the villagers leave Aidensfield en masse to support Rob in a charity football match.

David is nervous when summoned for jury service; the accused is an old acquaintance of Peggy's, providing her with an opportunity to make money and leaving David paranoid that Miller wants him arrested.

Helen is suspected of euthanasia when one of her patients suddenly dies, and Rob's desperate need to clear her name nearly exposes their affair.

Meanwhile, Peggy and David start a strawberry scam involving Rosie's two brothers, providing Younger with his first independent investigation.

An escaped killer causes a public outcry when he commits a series of violent attacks in Aidensfield; the targets include his parents.

When Helen is kidnapped, Rob's feelings jeopardise the capture of the fugitive. Meanwhile, David faces a heartbreaking time when Alfred passes away; Peggy, Bernie and Rosie try to bring light back into his life.

Miller demands answers from Lord Ashfordly when a priceless Manet painting is stolen from the home of a retired German art dealer, who suffers critical injuries in a car accident.

Meanwhile, Peggy tries to convince a pair of visiting bird-watchers that Aidensfield's wildlife includes a rare bird of prey, and David poses as an ornithological expert.

Residents raise money for a devout couple whose baby requires a live-saving operation in America, whilst Rob intervenes when greed and a brotherly feud results in a series of assaults and a fatal car crash.

Meanwhile, Peggy frightens some holiday-makers when a rumour circulates that a local tourist spot is haunted, and Jack and Gina come across a dead body in the woods.

David helps a friend escape the return of a troublesome father, but inadvertently leaves the young boy with a paedophile. Meanwhile, Jack recruits Bernie in an ill-advised attempt to encourage Gina's creative ambitions when the pub hosts an art exhibition.

Lord Ashfordly hires Peggy as a dog trainer after his hound bites a window cleaner, who demands the police have the animal put to sleep.

A woman hires Blaketon to spy on her adulterous husband, who is subsequently found dead. The woman claims that Blaketon is her lover, making him the prime suspect, and Rob works to clear the detective's name.

Meanwhile, Bellamy falls in love with Debbie Black, a young widow with three children, when he attends to a burglary at her house.

Peggy buys a racing greyhound that refuses to run. A truck Bernie recently repaired careens into a garden, causing his sanity to be questioned by an opportunistic journalist.

David fears the worst when Bernie disappears, and Blaketon and Ventress initiate a search. Meanwhile, Helen's estranged husband Matthew returns, with a plot that could have Rob transferred away.

Helen plays her husband at his own games. Lord Ashfordly and his staff take a Christmas vacation, leaving Ashfordly Hall under the watch of an old army pal.

He harbours a young hooligan who attempts to steal valuables, and the man tries to impart a valuable life lesson in a violent way.

Meanwhile, Blaketon and Peggy create competing Santa's Grottos. Ventress is upset when his wife falls ill, and Gina, Helen, David and Bellamy draw lots on who gets to host him for Christmas dinner.

The villagers are furious at the release of ex-convict Henry Stoddard, who is immediately suspected when the pub is attacked and Ventress is nearly killed in a hit-and-run.

Stoddard claims innocence in this and the year-old murder for which he was convicted. Rob reopens the case and tarnishes Blaketon's integrity when evidence suggests another member of the Stoddard family was responsible.

Meanwhile, Peggy learns that she may be a distant relative of Lord Ashfordly's and makes herself at home at Ashfordly Hall.

Bellamy leaves the villagers stunned when he arrives at the pub with his new wife, Debbie. A young arsonist's rehabilitation is threatened when he is accused of a series of arson attacks, complicated by his clandestine relationship with a former employer's daughter.

Rob is reminded of his own troublesome childhood and tries to prove the youngster's innocence, but all evidence points to the contrary.

Meanwhile, Blaketon and Jack join in opposition of Peggy's advertisement venture, ending up in a police cell. The Ashfordly team pursue Aidensfield's version of armed robbers Bonnie and Clyde.

When the runaway heiress is injured on the run, her ruthless boyfriend kidnaps Helen, who provokes the pair by advising her patient to end the partnership.

Meanwhile, Peggy is incensed when Rosie manages the garage in Bernie's absence, and instructs David to organize a funeral in a madcap scheme to have Bernie leave the garage to David in his will.

Rob and the team are called when a local judge is targeted in a series of attacks and subsequently blackmailed over his sordid personal life.

The case takes a sinister twist when the prime suspect is shot dead on his doorstep. Meanwhile, Peggy and David buy a police radio and sell information to the Ashfordly Gazette , teaching a pompous old enemy a lesson in the process.

Miller soon discovers their scheme and delights at the opportunity to charge Peggy. A man claims to be a local farmer who had suffered amnesia during a London air raid in the s and was presumed dead.

He tries to resume his life, though his wife has married an ill and abusive man, who seems to know more about the circumstances of his rival's disappearance.

Meanwhile, Lord Ashfordly's displays strange behaviour after consuming Peggy's peculiar batch of mushrooms. Younger asks Rosie for driving lessons to prepare for an official police course, and she is horrified when rumours spread of their presumed romance.

Lord Ashfordly's niece arrives following the collapse of her marriage, and her prize racehorse is stolen for ransom.

A biker gang arrives in town, bringing romance for Rosie. Bernie risks alienating Gina when he blames the bikers for a robbery at the church.

Gina and Bellamy race to save Debbie's daughter Jane from a seedy photographer. A local has to put the family farm up for auction, and is shocked when his estranged brother arrives, desperate to get his hands on a box of old junk.

Blaketon and Jack are at risk when they stand in his way of getting it back. Debbie confronts an old flame and gets into trouble for drink-driving.

David is left stranded with a pompous couple when Peggy buys a horse and carriage for her sightseeing enterprise. Bernie is subjected to a series of violent attacks, leaving Rosie concerned when he refuses to involve the Police.

Rob is provoked by a violent farmer who causes a brawl during his granddaughter's birth. Helen's estranged father tries to make amends before he dies of cancer.

Peggy enters David into a fishing competition without his approval. Bellamy is distraught when Debbie goes on a late-night drinking spree by the river, and she becomes implicated in the murder of a bank manager.

Meanwhile, Jowett takes action when Peggy and David allow a colony of hippies to stay on their land, and Younger finds himself caught between two strong-minded women who come to blows.

Helen and Rob patch things up after their break-up. Miller's old army captain offers him a business proposition, which he declines without regret.

However, a series of car thefts suggest that the old friend has other business in Aidensfield. Meanwhile, Bellamy struggles to care for Debbie's children whilst she is in rehab; Peggy takes his two stepdaughters on a day out and they are arrested for poaching.

Jack encourages Gina to pose nude for a painting. Despite Rob's efforts to keep his wedding secret, his enigmatic sisters and Gina enlist the help of the residents to organise a big surprise party.

The day is upset when Helen's mother voices disapproval and a noise complaint turns deadly when a mentally ill woman takes matters into her own hands.

Meanwhile, Debbie returns from rehab a changed woman, Younger's dancing is found lacking, Peggy uses old Christmas decorations for the wedding reception, and Miller gains an admirer.

Gina discovers that Jack has sold the nude painting of her to a London gallery and wants them to move away. Rob suspects a connection when a car is found crashed in a ditch and a farm suffers a series of sheep rustling incidents.

Helen must settle affairs when a woman suffering from dementia is found dead in the river. Meanwhile, Peggy is intrigued by an eco-warrior couple's slurry-fuelled generator.

Blaketon grows concerned for Gina when she becomes withdrawn after breaking-up with Jack. A hit-and-run following a local dance leads to the son of the councillor on the police committee, who is known for his reckless driving.

The case puts Younger in a compromising position. Meanwhile, an exasperated David leaves Peggy to run the taxi business whilst he becomes a window cleaner's assistant.

A prisoner is broken out of the Ashfordly station cells to pilot a helicopter for an armed robbery. Bellamy faces heartbreak when Debbie begins acting strangely as a familiar face returns to the village.

Helen moves into the police house with Rob, but their happiness is brief as a disturbed boy takes revenge for the death of his dog.

Meanwhile, a dentist shows romantic interest in Peggy, but she discovers his ulterior motive and recruits a struggling journalist to exact revenge.

Rob returns from mourning his wife and saves a con-man whose car crashes into the river, prompting him to confess to a life of crime.

Blaketon is excited as a Frenchwoman arrives for preparations to 'twin' Aidensfield with her hometown, but becomes jealous when Lord Ashfordly takes a shine to her.

Left to the tender mercies of Peggy and David, she finds herself behind bars. Bellamy recuperates from his wife's departure, whilst new district nurse Carol Cassidy struggles to treat a woman with an over-protective husband.

A convicted rapist is targeted by a hate campaign when he returns to Aidensfield, as his victim committed suicide. When a serious allegation is made, Rob's investigation reunites him with CID Detective Sergeant Rachel Dawson, an old flame.

Dawson and Younger recapture an escaped convict. Meanwhile, Peggy, David and Carol try to help a talented singer overcome alcoholism.

The Ashfordly team joins forces with Dawson and a shady MI5 agent in the hunt for a suspected Soviet spy, but Carol soon discovers the agent has secrets of his own after witnessing a stand-off at a railway station.

Meanwhile, Peggy fancies herself as the next Miss Marple when an old note among a dead friend's belonging raises questions about her cheating husband's disappearance.

Miller suffers from a toothache. Rosie is troubled by an ex-boyfriend whose attentions escalate to stalking. Rob and Carol learn the man has a history of violence against his ex-girlfriends, and Younger shows a darker side when he protects his friend.

A series of car thefts and dog disappearances — including Peggy's car with David's dog — leaves Miller and his men baffled. Gina encourages Bellamy to talk about his feelings, and the full extent of his heartache spills out when she suggests they give their relationship another chance.

Rob clashes with Blaketon while deciding whether to charge an ex-army major who fatally shot a young burglar.

Meanwhile, a struggling father asks for Carol's help dealing with his pregnant teenage daughter who has withdrawn from the world.

Peggy, Rosie and David try to save the garage with a modern makeover, incurring Bernie's wrath. Rob and Rosie try to protect a Miss Yorkshire beauty contestant who is targeted by mysterious attacks.

Large numbers of female protestors picket the event, but Rob learns that the threat is closer to home. Miller is unimpressed when Younger's bicycle is stolen and orders him to make more arrests.

With advice from Ventress, Younger finds a novel way of raising the village crime rate. Bellamy gets closer to Gina when she is injured in an explosion.

Peggy places a wager for a friend who dies before he can collect his winnings. A failed sting operation leaves three armed robbers on the run, one in a cell and an informant fearing for his life.

Rob is taken hostage, leaving Miller, Dawson and Bellamy against a tough deadline. Meanwhile, Blaketon is determined to win the annual cricket match against Scarsdale, but assembling a team proves hectic when Ventress calls off and Bernie struggles to grasp the sport.

Rosie is incensed when Blaketon refuses to allow her on to the team, despite her talent, whilst David becomes the team's secret weapon and a target of sabotage.

The team search for a young boy who disappears after discovering his mother is having an affair with a family friend, who is later seriously injured in a road accident.

Meanwhile, Younger fills in for the lollipop lady and starts a friendship with a bullied boy. Gina and Bellamy arrange for Rob to date a hairdresser, but he realizes he still is not over the loss of Helen.

Miller is outraged when a nits [ further explanation needed ] infestation grips the Ashfordly station. Chaos reigns when a sniper kills Jowett's sister as she leaves the pub.

Dawson and Rob's enquiries reveal the gunman may have missed his intended target, which Blaketon realises may be Jowett or himself — and the two are brought closer together.


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